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How to Activate
Make sure that the NFC reader on your phone is active
iPhone: starting with the iPhone XR and XS models, NFC is always active, no additional action is required. On iPhone models 7 through X, swipe to "Control Center" and press the NFC button. This action should be repeated every time you need to read the item.

Android: make sure that NFC is enabled. Easy to find by searching in the settings or swipe from top to bottom, the NFC button should be active.
Unlock phone and tap the item
iPhone has the NFC reader is at the top. You can tap the card to the back or to the front side of the phone.

Android could have the NFC reader either at the top or back center, depending on the model of the phone. Try to tap the card to the back center or top front side of the phone.
To activate the item, you need to create an account or log in to an existing account.
You can sign up using your Google, Facebook account or Email.
Complete the activation
That's it! Your item is now activated.
How to Share
Ways to share your E-Card
Direct link
Tap «SHARE» button to get E-Card link.
Share link to E-card via messengers.
QR Code
Generate a QR code with a link to your E-Card via any convenient service.
Home Screen
Add E-Card to home screen of your smartphone.
Tip: Add a link to the E-Card to your home screen using the appropriate function of your browser or add a QR code as wallpaper
Add a link or QR code to E-Card in your email signature.
Add a link or QR code to E-Card to a presentation slide.
Video Calls
Add a QR code to the background in a video call.
Contact Information
How to Change your Contact Information
Lead Generation
What it is and how it works
Meetings Scheduler
What it is and how it works
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